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Data Manipulation Framework for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by WaveXtend

Data Manipulation Framework allows you to add formula fields to Dynamics CRM.

All editable fields in Dynamics CRM are turned into potential calculated attributes, where the value can be prefilled by the application platform.

All editable fields in Dynamics CRM can be validated upon entry or change.

All editable String fields in Dynamics CRM can be consistently re-formatted.

The advantages:

Less time and effort spend on programming, testing, documenting and deployment of calculated field values or validations.
More flexibility and transparancy in getting complex datalogic into Dynamics CRM.
One central repository of all data logic for forms, data import/export, documents, reports, advanced find and marketing selections.
Improved data quality.
Junior application consultants can perform tasks that would normally require senior .NET programmers.
Business logic be added and deployed through Dynamics CRM Solutions.

Everything that needs calculation or a business rule can be configured.In this way Data Manipulation Framework turns Dynamics CRM into an intelligent flexible business application and lowers the total cost of ownership.

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This product extends the possibilities of CRM

Reviewed by:wvanrij Reviewed on:16/02/2011

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2013, 2011 en 4.0

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