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Automated Intelligence

Driving Data Value in a SharePoint Enterprise for Public Sector Organisations

by Automated Intelligence

Around three-quarters of all unstructured data stored within the Public Sector is redundant or duplicated, with no business value and carries unnecessary political risk.

All Government Departments face the same problems which impact their data management strategy:

- Data volumes are increasing exponentially

- Demand for cost efficient information exploitation and sharing

- Increasing compliance and regulatory controls

The Automated Intelligence solution enables government departments to analyse, optimise and exploit the data it holds. The solution drives migration to Microsoft SharePoint from competitive environments such as Enterprise Vault, legacy EDRM systems, such as Documentum, Filenet, or “unmanaged” data held within shared drives.

By extending Microsoft SharePoint with its ai.compliance extender product, Automated Intelligence enables a fully compliant EDRM solution driving data compliance, displacing parallel content management solutions such as Documentum and OpenText, and delivering a very cost effective information governance solution.

The solution also has the ability to migrate data to Cloud solutions such as Office 365 and data hosting options with Azure as well as hosting records securely in a UK hosted datacentre accredited to restricted content up to IL3.

Automated Intelligence delivers solutions which:

- deliver in year cost savings and benefits realisation - typically by at least 60%, with no capital outlay

- improve data quality and collaboration

- prepare data for migration and exploitation within current Microsoft environments

- automate data compliance and security policy

By extending and exploiting the Microsoft platform, Automated Intelligence augments the value to be achieved from existing investments in Microsoft technology.

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