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EPM Librarian 2007 for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 v1.10

by Technology Associates Limited

A constant challenge for companies implementing the EPM solution is to ensure that up-to-date documentation is maintained consistently and accurately. Typically, this is a time-consuming process for administrators and, therefore, often gets forgotten or left to a more convenient time, and when this happens the update simply gets forgotten.

Frequently therefore, in addressing other priorities it means that the documentation is inaccurate or incorrect when it needs to be referred to for support or trouble-shooting purposes. This utility removes the burden of maintaining and documenting an EPM solution because it interrogates the current Project Server system and exports all relevant information directly to an Excel workbook. The utility is quick to run and can be utilised whenever the documentation needs to be updated or reproduced. This is an immense time saving tool for Project Server administrators and allows them to focus on other activities.

We estimate that for an average sized EPM system in order to maintain the EPM documentation accurately, requires at least 2 to 3 hours of time every week, and therefore, this utility pays for itself in just a few weeks.


- Rapid production of documentation as and when required
- Releases Project Server administrators for an additional 2 to 3 hours a week (minimum)
- Ensures solution can be documented at any time
- Administrators are not reliant on paper-based documentation which can get lost or missed
- Specifically, in IT environments where resource turnover may be an issue, this provides an immediate and accurate documentation.

System Requirements:

The Documentation Utility is installed on the same system as Microsoft Project Server and requires Microsoft Project Server 2007 to be installed. Pricing is per Project Server instance.

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Documentation of Server Configuration made (very) easy

Reviewed by:Russ_Hayes1 Reviewed on:05/11/2010

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