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ExactTarget Inc.

Email Marketing and Social CRM Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by ExactTarget Inc.

The powerful combination of ExactTarget’s industry-leading email marketing solution, paired with the insight of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can finally send targeted, relevant email messages to help you drive prospect and customer engagement through a seamless integration. Over 400 Microsoft customers trust ExactTarget to leverage campaigns, marketing lists, workflow, and security with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Key Benefits:

Email Marketing Automation - Create multi-step date and event-based Workflows with our easy to use feature that automatically executes marketing programs such as lead nurturing campaigns and more.

Landing Pages and Microsites - Build a branded, consistent web presence and extend personalized, one-to-one communications from email to the web with our add-on.

Dynamic Content - Go beyond "one-size-fits-all" emails and generate unique content for each individual subscriber based on the valuable customer data you’ve worked hard to gather, directly from your CRM installation.

Tracking Results & Reporting - View critical elements such as email opens, click-throughs, undeliverables, and more at the individual and aggregate level. Create lists based upon tracked customer actions and send targeted follow-ups accordingly.

Profile Changes - Leads, Contacts and Accounts can manage their profile via a link included in every email. Changes made are captured in your CRM installation with our Profile Center add-on.

Deliverability and Opt-out Requests - ExactTarget's world-class deliverability team ensures our clients' maximum inbox performance by providing consultation on critical aspects of email marketing. They also manage ISP relations, trouble-shooting, email filtering, and monitor the deliverability and privacy industry.

100% Microsoft Technology - At the heart of our SaaS application is Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which provides highly scalable and reliable services to handle mission-critical email communications 24/7 for thousands of organizations globally. With well over one billion emails sent per month, ExactTarget knows how to deliver.

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2011 and 4.0

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