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ExpandIT Backup Utility

by KE Consulting

Are you sure that you have a consistent Navision backup? Just one missing record can prevent a successful restore of the entire NAV/Navision database. That's why NAV/Navision's own backup feature checks the consistency of the database.

ExpandIT Backup Utility enables unmanned and scheduled use of the standard backup feature in NAV/Navision. ExpandIT Backup Utility uses NAV/Navision's own backup feature to ensure that the consistency of every backup is controlled before storage. ExpandIT Backup Utility is a unique tool that ensures consistent and reliable backup of you NAV, Navision Financial or Navision Attain systems. It enables unmanned and scheduled use of the standard NAV/Navision backup feature.

There are no changes to the NAV/Navision license or modifications to the objects.

Use Case Scenarios:

- After the routine batch processes are completed ExpandIT Backup Utility initiates a total backup of Navision.

- Total backup of Navision at 03.00 hours every night when no user depends on access to the system.

- The system administrator receives SMS at 9 pm and takes action immediately to correct failed backup execution.

- ExpandIT Backup Utility compresses the backup file and sends it to a hosted backup service provider.

- ExpandIT Backup Utility checks the consistency of the backup file to increase the chances of a successful restore.

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