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Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

Hosted, strong and secure authentication options for Office 365

by Information Management Group (IMGROUP)

IMGROUP offers various authentication options which enhance Office 365 by delivering flexible enterprise grade Single Sign-On identity management, strong and two factor authentication from the cloud, accelerating adoption and reducing cost. With IMGROUP’s authentication options available on a per user per month basis delivered from a cloud platform, organisations benefit from an always available global service.

Hosted and Secure Single Sign-On – companies wanting to move to the cloud are faced with having to upgrade legacy systems and invest in new on-premise servers if they want to offer Single Sign-On to users. This includes ADFS, ADFS Proxy and DirSync, requiring investment in separate servers. This is OK for some, but counterintuitive to many whose rationale for moving to the cloud is in part because they do not want to perpetuate investment in ‘tin’.

IMGROUP has created a Single Sign-On SaaS offering called ‘ONCE’, effectively making the infrastructure required available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Strong Factor Authentication – some sectors and industries mandate higher levels of security beyond standard user ID and password entry.

IMGROUP created a ‘strong factor’ authentication layer which prevents standard entry of passwords using normal device keyboards, replacing this with an onscreen keyboard with randomised characters, thereby confounding key-loggers and other malware designed to breach user authentication.

Two Factor Authentication – some industries and applications require additional security information beyond the user ID and password – typically a reserved word or ‘memorable information’ from which certain characters may be requested by systems to add extra level of security.

IMGROUP has created a two-factor authentication service called ‘TWICE’, making this higher level authentication available on an integrated cloud-based pay-as-you-go basis.

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