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Infonic Geo-Replicator

by iOra

SharePoint Online creates a compelling option for providing scalable access to SharePoint. How do you guarantee that all users, including those on limited or intermittent bandwidth, can share the collaborative experience? 

iOra Geo-Replicator software uniquely provides two modes of replication within the same product: 
- Replication of the SharePoint server for distributed access to a group of users. 
- Replication of SharePoint server content to end users’ laptops for access when offline. 

- Ensure that all users, irrespective of the availability of network connection, have guaranteed access to key data. 
- Enhance decision making by making up-to-date information always available. 
- Allow offline and remote SharePoint user access to access central data at LAN speeds. 
Reduce WAN and server costs through server content replication. 
- Guaranteed service even when there is no network. 
Where SharePoint is being accessed via satellite cut communication costs by up to 90 percent.

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