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Intelligent Communications

by Dorset Software

Dorset Software provides customers with Intelligent Communication solutions based on Microsoft Lync unified communication and Microsoft CRM technology. Our solution focuses on improving efficiency in communications with clients, suppliers and partners by eliminating the inherent redundancy and closing the open loops that are found in and between existing communication systems.

The solution provides customers with:

- Dynamic Call Routing: Incoming calls are automatically routed to the most appropriate person based on a range of skill search criteria. Clients can specify rules and workflow based on the number called, embedded presence information and information held in MS CRM or other 3rd party line of business applications.

- Enhanced Call Notification: Incoming call notification is enhanced by using the caller ID to identify matching records in MS CRM (or 3rd party applications). The user is able to determine the identity of the caller from the corporate contacts management system before accepting the call.

- Screen Pops: On accepting the call, the user is presented with the caller details stored in MS CRM (or 3rd party applications). In addition, a number of call handling workflows can be selected to assist users with servicing the call.

- Call Capture: To aid compliance, the call capture functionality allows end-users to easily capture all pertinent information relating to incoming and outgoing communications. Business processes can be enforced including requiring end-users to record certain information about the communication. Breaches of the process are logged and escalated. Telephone messages for other users are captured in the system and follow-up activities are assigned to the intended recipient in CRM (or 3rd party applications).

- Click-to-Dial: The Power up Click-to-Communicate functionality allows users to start calls anywhere a valid phone number is displayed in MS CRM and MS Dynamics GP. This functionality is extendable to other 3rd party applications.

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