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In the highly demanding and competitive food supply chain industry, pressures on suppliers have never been greater. The need to deliver high quality produce; on time against increasingly tightening deadlines and at reduced prices, is taxing the ingenuity of even the most efficient suppliers.
The ability to access and share real time information as an aid to efficiency is essential. In such an environment, the role that can be played by Information Technology can mean the difference between success and failure. Our specialists have used their experience and extensive knowledge of the food industry to create LINKFRESHTM; a complete Business Management solution for the food supply chain industry.
LINKFRESH is a powerful Food Supply Chain Business Management Solution, enabling companies in the Fresh Produce, Meat, Egg and Food Processing supply chain to move, track and trace products to market with speed, efficiency, transparency and profitability – in real time.
As a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solution, LINKFRESH was designed specifically by food industry specialists and developed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics through easy to use, add-on modules and applications. The result is a flexible solution with a complete understanding of the challenges and needs faced by food supply chain business management – a solution that provides peace of mind, safety, compliance, traceability and the ability to not only drive growth, but improve the bottom-line.
Since inception, LINKFRESH has been a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics packaged solution designed and developed by food industry specialists to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. In less than a decade, LINKFRESH has gained a majority market share providing ERP solutions to the food sector in the United Kingdom - because our fully featured business management suite is straightforward to implement, easy to configure and simple to use. As a reliable and proven ERP solution, LINKFRESH is the ideal, real time technology platform to address the rapidly changing requirements of the food supply chain sector.
• Reported customer benefits include:
• Improved efficiencies through reductions in data duplication
• Reduced administration costs
• Reduction in paper based processes
• Full visibility and traceability of stock movements
• Transparency of operations
• Improved customer service
• Improved operational practices
• Rapid access to key performance indicators
• Increased profitability

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