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MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Classic

by MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Classic is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance solution that allows smaller organisations to manage user awareness of IT Governance policies and communications, in line with industry mandates.

Aimed at organisations with up to 250 employees, MetaCompliance Classic enables organisations to automate and verifiably communicate all IT Governance and compliance policies and communications to users across the organisation;  MetaCompliance unique self-certification technology guarantees 100% user response, and MetaCompliance reporting ensures that organisations can track, monitor and identify areas that require remediation.

MetaCompliance Classic delivers a number of key features:

- Guaranteed 100% user response with MetaCompliance unique self-certification technology;

- Scheduled policy and communication delivery with the MetaCompliance Intelligent Policy Engine;

- Prove verifiable communication to 3rd party auditors and regulators with MetaCompliance secure Audit and Reporting;

- Automatic versioning control to ensure the completion of the IT Governance audit cycle.

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