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Enhanced Operating Systems Ltd

MoveMan for TabletPC Removals Sales and Survey Solution

by Enhanced Operating Systems Ltd

The MoveMan for TabletPC is a revolutionary, new removals survey system for the Microsoft TabletPC platform. Listed below are the main features:

- Pen based survey solution
- Hand-writing recognition
- Very fast and easy to use
- Image capture with notes annotation
- Standard rooms and items in that room type
- Standard volumes and weights
- Records client’s signature on-screen
- Multiple inventory printing options with unlimited language options

The appointments can be transferred from the MoveMan Pro system, as entered at the office, alternatively it can be used entirely in standalone operation for companies not using the MoveMan Pro desktop system. Once a room type is selected from the list, the
standard items that are likely to be found in such a room are displayed. The user can change the name of the room, via handwriting recognition, so it can be entered as ‘Johns bedroom’ making the inventory tailored to the client. Up to three photos can be taken for each room, with annotations being added in different colours, if necessary.
Each item in the survey can have an image captured against it. Once the survey has been completed then the materials can automatically calculated from the items selected. The client can then sign for the survey and the inventory printed out in any of the following ways: by room, by transportation mode, by packing type or by room with item images, all with or without volumes.

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