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NightWatchman Enterprise

by 1E
  • App Type

  • Business Need

    Computer/PC Installation and Repair
  • Works With

    System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Windows Active Directory (AD)
  • Industry Focus

    Environmental Sustainability, General - Applicable to All

NightWatchman Enterprise is a scalable, proven solution integrating our two flagship applications, NightWatchman and WakeUp. It revolutionizes the ability of any organization to safely and remotely power manage its computers, ensuring all your PCs
are on, available and healthy when needed but not consuming energy when not required.

NightWatchman Enterprise rapidly delivers significant cost savings and reductions in energy and carbon emissions while ensuring your users continue to work productively and is the world leading PC power management solution for companies both large and small. Simple and quick to implement and with proven accuracy, it enables significant cost savings by applying effective PC power management that won’t slow your business down. Launched in 1997, it has since been deployed on 5 million PCs worldwide, has cumulatively saved organizations over USD $500 million in energy costs – a reduction in energy usage that has effectively prevented 5 million US tons of carbon dioxide from having entered the atmosphere, the equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 0.5 million passenger vehicles!

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