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Notification Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by To-Increase

With Notification Management for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, e-mails (order confirmations, invoices, etc.) or SMS messages can be sent automatically from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to e-mail addresses or mobile phones.
The messages can contain any information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can be scheduled for delivery to specified recipients at specified times. It’s also possible to implement report notifications for external documents sent as PDF or HTML attachments by e-mail or fax.With Notification Management, alerts can be sent automatically when certain events occur in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Messages can be set up in a template and linked to information from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. For example, when a new service task or support call is entered into the system, an automatic e-mail can be sent to the employee who is scheduled for the task. If the task is a high priority task, the employee can receive an SMS and respond even sooner.

Key Benefits:
React quickly to crucial business issues with up-to-date information
Automates e-mail/SMS alerts and reports sent to predetermined users
Helps replace manual processes with efficient workflow
Implemented through configuring and modeling, with no development required

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