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Omnica Webstore

by Omnica Limited

Omnica Webstore provides online shopping facilities for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution is tightly integrated with Dynamics AX and allows an organisation to sell online with minimum fuss.

Omnica Webstore is purpose-built for Dynamics AX. Products, prices, promotions, shipping rules, customer and contact records, stock availability levels, and other business rules can all be maintained as normal within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In addition Omnica Webstore offers intelligent on-site search capability and sophisticated online merchandising and cross-selling opportunities based on behavioural targeting.

Omnica Webstore uses a combination of real-time and batch-based integration, to deliver online shopping and customer self-service facilities, over the web.

Users are free to host Omnica Webstore at a hosting centre of their choice, or within their own facilities.

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