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Peoplehours: Control employee scheduling with a web based platform. Sophisticated pay, bill rules, and automated check calls that streamlines security control room operations.

by Gallinet
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    Online Application
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    Web Design and Development, Web Design and Development
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    Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Ultimate
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    Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Retail

Gallinet Limited continually improves and maintains Peoplehours, a web based scheduling system focused towards man guarding security companies and other industries employing staff in the service sectors. Gallinet also offers an outsourced control
room service which monitors the well being of several thousand employees. Because Gallinet control room services themselves make such heavy use of Peoplehours, there is a continual drive to improve automation, increase usability and add features that make
a difference to our clients.

Peoplehours is a web based solution and allows users to create and adjust the schedules of their employees by using any PC with an internet connection, and many other web enabled devices. This dramatically reduces unit costs per user, increases scalability
and removes synchronisation issues that come about with multiple PC’s running the scheduling application locally.

Peoplehours has the following key features.

• Automated booking on, booking off and welfare calls- controlled by a VoIP (Voice over IP) subsystem.

• Comprehensive suite of reports.

• Self updating web pages that show (and sound) warning of duties where the phone call to the automated phone number has not been received within a set time.

• Web based means that client machines only require IE and an internet connection and changes are simultaneously seen be all users.

• A powerful and sophisticated pay and bill system, updates pay and bill with scheduling changes so that Peoplehours does not require a downtime for payroll and billing.

With Peoplehours the management of staff becomes simple and straightforward, routine operations such as booking on and check calls become controlled by an automated system. A control room changes from chaos on book on and book off times to only having to
deal with those that haven’t checked in on the automated system. With Peoplehours it’s possible to add rules which prevent or warn certain actions with scheduling (duty clash, minimum rest period, required qualifications etc.) so that endless checking  is
removed.  Peoplehours has a sophisticated and flexible pay and bill component that can handle daily overtime, period overtime, public holiday multipliers, site pay, terms pay, pay which only applies if an employee works for a certain time over a certain period
and many, many other pay conditions.

At Gallinet Limited we encourage you to use our software as a service so that we provide the web server, VoIP box and backup server and you need is to connect to Peoplehours through the web. We help you set up your Peoplehours site, offer training for your
staff and the expertise to get you going with the pay and bill rules. We see initial training as an important part of the service we provide and not a way to generate revenue.

If you are interested in Peoplehours you can contact us on +44 (0)1384 237 333

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