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PrecisionPoint for Dynamics NAV

by PrecisionPoint Software

PrecisionPoint for Dynamics is simply the world's most advanced Business Intelligence (BI) solution for the mid-market. BI is no longer reserved for big companies with big budgets. Revolutionary, patent-pending PrecisionPoint technology delivers affordable BI solutions to mid-market companies at a fraction of the cost and time needed to implement a traditional BI/data warehouse solution.

Key features:

• Self-service analytics and reporting for business end users
• Unique data model reconciling all ERP data sources
• Installs in hours via the Web
• Software-plus-Service model via Web Services support
• Engineered for Dynamics NAV
• Built on Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies:
o Microsoft Office Excel / Excel Services
o SQL Server / Analysis Services / Reporting Services
o SharePoint Server

PrecisionPoint is the glue which connects your Dynamics ERP data to Dynamics Client for Office (DCO) including SharePoint Server for a comprehensive and easy-to-use Microsoft BI solution. Eliminate hundreds of spreadsheets and dozens of many cubes for a single version of the truth. Empower analysts, accountants and other business users to build their own reports and do ad hoc analytics in minutes to:

• Increase Profitability — manage margin by product, by customer
• Track Performance — against budgets and KPIs
• Remove Spreadsheet Errors as well as time wasting
• Improve Compliance by gaining visibility to data
• Audit Dynamics data and business logic

If this all sounds just too good to be true why don’t you contact PrecisionPoint to see YOUR DATA in Dynamics NAV come to life in PrecisionPoint?
Be prepared to be amazed!

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