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Boldon James Military Message Handling for Outlook and Exchange

by Boldon James

Solution Information - A series of extensions to Microsoft Outlook, designed to support the requirements of mission critical messaging in Defence and Intelligence Communities. supports conformance to the latest versions of formal “High Grade” military messaging standards such as Stanag 4406, ACP120, ACP123 and S/MIME-ESS. Uniquely also offers a fully interoperable, simpler interface for Medium and Basic Grade Messaging.

Deploying the full range of modules means that conformance to the latest versions of MMHS standards are fully met. Reducing the build content delivers a more cost effective, but fully compatible Medium or Basic grade capability. uses a dynamic load capability allowing a single desktop installation configured by logon profile. is delivered with full Microsoft standard internationalisation capability and has already been translated into French, German, Greek, Arabic and Turkish language versions. There are over 1 million licenced SAFEmail components deployed worldwide.

Business Issue the Solution Addresses

Meet interntaional MMHS standards confirmance requirements includidng support for STANAG 4406, ACP120 AND ACP123.
COTs platform and large deployed user base means reliability and cost effectiveness.
Full standards conformance on client and server reduces costs of compliance.
Iteroperability between different Military Message Handling Systems across both National boundaries and the Organisations and Services within the same Nation also supported.
Stanag Bridgehead Connector - Stanag X.400 Bridgehead Server on Microsoft Exchange.
Extended capabilities of the Microsoft Exchange Server’s X.400 Connector such that it can now function as a true X.400 MTA carrying full military messaging content within a STANAG configuration.

Value of the Solution to Customers

Tight integration with Microsoft Exchange and PKI technology make this a very cost effective solution.
Boldon James is a long standing partner of Microsoft who has been working in the secure messaging area for many years.
In addition to developing solutions on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server, they have also been under contract to the Outlook product group for many years. Military Message Handling for Outlook and Exchange has not been reviewed by any customers.

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