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Stream Connect 2103

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Are your webcasts as good as they should be?

- Reduce management and time to market
- Standardize the appearance of multiple webcasts
- Control your archive
- XML throughout to integrate with existing systems

Stream Connect is a Silverlight and Windows Media webcasting tool which allows complete management of a webcasting programme.An example of the interface can be seen here:

Stream Connect does not encode your video, it adds functionality to your stream and let’s you manage the archive.

The functionality includes:

- Account-based interactive webcasting in Windows Media, Flash, Silverlight, H264 or QuickTime
- PowerPoint slide synchronization
- Voting and chat windows
- Client or department-specific distribution via managed RSS
- Embed code and comprehensive help pages

Because the Stream Connect generates encoding profiles, it can be used with any encoder or capture device. This means the tool is suited to both enterprise-level webcasting and a quick briefing from a webcam.

Currently the tool supports Windows Media Encoder; Flash Media Encoder; Digital Rapids Stream; QuickTime Broadcaster, Expression 2 and VLC. As new encoders come to market they will be included within the system.

It does not do any encoding itself, which has a number of advantages. Firstly support for new codecs is done by the companies that are developing them. You are not relying on Stream UK to keep up to date with Microsoft, Adobe and Apple. We’re good but we know our limits. Secondly when an entirely new tool comes out integration with it will be a matter of days.

Benefits include:

- Account-based
- Multi-format compatible
- Slide synchronization
- Chat and voting
- RSS management
- Coding, help and support

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