VPN-Q 2010 - Secure Remote VPN Endpoint Checking

by Winfrasoft

Now in its 3rd major release, VPN-Q 2010 takes remote access security to the next level. VPN-Q 2010 is a multi-layer remote access gateway solution which implements real-world security principles by layering strong authentication, health state checking, quarantine control, network access controls and protocol filtering in a single solution. Costs are kept low as there is no need up upgrade network equipment, server Operating Systems or Windows client version.

VPN-Q 2010 uses a lightweight client that leverages Windows' native networking capabilities and functions - even when users do not have administrative rights. The small foot-print client (1Mb) works across all versions of Windows since XP for both 32 and 64bit systems - all from a single installation file meaning the end of VPN client deployment headaches.

Make use of SSL VPN connections without the pain of Java, ActiveX and browser version issues. VPN-Q 2010 supports 3 VPN protocols for the ultimate in connection flexibility. You no longer have to choose between a legacy dialler or a SSL VPN, you can have the best of both all in a single package - all with health checking and a consistent user experience. Whether you are working in a hotel or from a partner or client’s site, VPN-Q will find the appropriate protocol to connect automatically.

VPN-Q can easily integrate into almost any network environment and can be installed on existing TMG servers to keep costs low.

Scans and remediation actions for clients are fully customisable with centralised policy-based management for both managed and un-managed client PCs. Client security profiles are logged centrally and the solution supports most 2-factor authentication providers natively.

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