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A Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution for the Automotive Industry

by Tres Tria Limited

The Automotive Business Solution (ABS), is a solution developed for the Automotive Industry to assist with the distribution and related services for automotive importers, distributors, service centres and leasing companies. The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and has been integrated with other Microsoft Solutions.

It uses the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as extensive additional functionality specifically designed to support the automotive downstream business.

Automotive Business Solutions (ABS) has a 12-year history and experience providing automotive software and solutions including our automotive service business software and dealer management software to many of the largest automotive brands including Mazda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volvo, Fiat, Skoda, Kia, Nissan and Volkswagen and other.

Flexible and complete solution:

- The application has been created and optimised for importers and vendors of all types of motor vehicle. It simplifies routine work and uses enhanced analytics to provide visibility of all areas of the business for management.
- It provides flexible and simple communication and information delivery between producers, importers, dealers, sub dealers, suppliers, leasing companies, insurance companies and customers.
- The Automotive Business Solution (ABS) improves your company’s customer service helping to retain customers and attract new business.


- Pricing and invoicing on demand, to meet the needs of your customers as well as your financial operation
- Marketing event and promotion handling and follow up
- Pricing and discount flexibility, individual price calculations, sales price and discount methods, promotions, activity-based pricing and more

Basic facts and industry advantages:

- One central database
- Multi brand solution
i.e. the importer and/or dealer can handle many different brands of vehicles and devices and different manufacturer‘s requirements.
- More languages and legislations in one common database for use in multiple countries.
- Complete cost analysis for each car
- Print agreements directly to Microsoft Office ensuring that user defined layouts are applied.
- Detailed information for each vehicle registered once
- Detailed search: Powerful and easy search functionality for vehicles and related information.
- Failure reductions
- Standard communication
- Advanced analytics tools

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