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Union Street Technologies Ltd

aBILLity Billing Platform

by Union Street Technologies Ltd

aBILLity is a billing platform designed for the telecoms, ISP and data reseller market. With around 400 implementations in the UK, aBILLity has become the de facto standard for telecom reseller billing.

aBILLity is designed to maximise a reseller's margin through performance and flexibility. Billing software allows the resellers to keep full control of their customers and invoices, but traditionally have had a large initial outlay. aBILLity is available to resellers in a variety of payment systems, including a monthly rental scheme which greatly reduces overheads, whilst still offering the best systems.

aBILLity has been developed after many years of research into the telecommunications billing arena. With so many solutions in the marketplace today, it is often difficult to see through the plethora of marketing hype. aBILLity is a powerful billing engine designed to rapidly process the carrier's CDRs (Call Data Records), verify that the data is correct and produce an invoice (either printed or emailed).

Reseller management information is readily at hand within the software, with end user analysis tools and web billing to greatly enhance the reseller's portfolio. Additionally, new flexible tariff processing methods enable resellers to produce creative new pricing structures that improve profitability and the end user disk billing application provides an extra value-added service for the reseller.

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