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Accord® - end-to-end supply chain software for the retail and wholesale distribution industry

by BCP

Accord solutions address the complete range of supply chain activities from warehouse back door to retail point of sale.  Providing seamless integration, real time operations, true visibility and improved business intelligence, they allow you to streamline operations, minimise costs and collaborate with partners in the supply chain, thereby optimising business performance and customer service and facilitating overall growth in revenue and profits. 

Completely modular so they can be tailored to your exact requirements, Accord features include:

- Voice and RF warehouse management (WMS) - fully integrated, with comprehensive, flexible functionality. Accord WMS is available stand alone or as part of a complete Accord implementation. Proven to deliver 99.99% picking accuracy, 10-20% productivity improvement and 9-12 months ROI
- Distribution and logistics
- Procurement – with effective forecasting, efficient purchasing and optimal stock control
- Multi channel Fulfilment/Sales Order Management with market leading telesales, EDI, web ordering
- Full store systems
- Head Office Control - for central management of retail chains
- eBusiness - including messaging, EDI and Web Access
- Fully integrated Financials
- CRM - Customer Relationship Management 
- Business Intelligence and KPI's   
- Leading edge technologies – RF, Voice, XML Web Services, CTI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, SMS, RFID ready
- Accord takes full advantage of the UNIX and Windows environments, offering tight integration with Microsoft Office.

Accord solutions benefit companies of all sizes throughout the supply chain - wholesalers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, TPLs - be they single or multi-site, single or multichannel. 

Sector specific versions of Accord are available for the Food and Drink industry where it is widely used by many major organisations.  Over 8000 users depend on BCP solutions to control their day to day business.  Our strong and stable client portfolio includes well known names like SPAR, BWG, Pets at Home, Musgrave, Nisa Todays, Aramark UK, The Royal Mint, Pedigree Wholesale.....

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