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Accord® WMS - RF and Voice directed warehouse management system

by BCP

BCP is a leading UK specialist in Supply Chain and Voice directed Warehouse Management solutions. We have been a leader in introducing Voice directed WMS to the UK market and are one of only a handful of vendors able to deliver a fully integrated Voice WMS. 

Our Accord-WMS is a versatile warehouse management system with a full range of features to help you optimise warehouse efficiency, reduce costs and maximise profitablity, without sacrificing customer service levels:

- RF and Voice technologies for 'real time' operations, complete visibility, high productivity and accuracy, product and movement tracking and accurate real time stock information. 99.99% picking accuracy, 10-20% productivity improvement and ROI of 9-12 months are typical.
- Available across all warehouse operations from goods receiving and put away to picking, replenishment and stock control.
- As a software house BCP has developed a range of voice tasks using the Talkman Development environment and can tailor its voice offering to suit clients’ particular requirements. Flexible functionality includes scheduling and multiple picking options (by order, by line, batch, manual)
- Available as part of a fully integrated Accord solution or as a stand alone WMS to interface to other Order Processing and Stock systems.
- BCP has some very successful implementations in the UK including SPAR wholesalers James Hall, C J Lang and Appleby Westward Group, pets wholesaler Pedigree wholesale and premier Irish symbol group ADM Londis - all delighted with the results which have often been 'way  beyond expectations'.

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