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ai.compliance extender - Enabling SharePoint 2010 for Compliant Information Management

by Automated Intelligence
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    Content Management, Document Management, Compliance
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    Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
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    Financial Services, General - Applicable to All, Government

ai.compliance extender, the first solution for SharePoint 2010 that is designed to comply with MoReq 2010, provides the additional necessary functionality to enable a fully compliant and cost effective solution for information governance and records management.

Enabling SharePoint 2010 for Information Governance

To meet information governance requirements, organisations historically combined their SharePoint environment with one of the traditional Records Management System, resulting in very complex solutions, functionality overlaps and great confusion for the user.

With the release of SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has continued to revolutionise the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry raising the bar in information governance capability.

However market specific requirements and developments such as the new MoReq2010 standard still leave organisations needing to extend the SharePoint 2010 functionality.

A Single SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

Automated Intelligence has applied its extensive understanding of enterprise content management to develop solutions which extend SharePoint 2010 to support best practice information governance.

The underlying capability of SharePoint is unaffected and users gain the advantage of a single managed and seamlessly integrated source for all corporate content. This includes the ability to drag and drop emails from Microsoft Outlook.

Users can work natively in their SharePoint environment whereby applying governance requirements becomes part of the platform, unobtrusive and usually automated, removing redundant and unintuitive interface points.

Using ai.compliance extender with SharePoint 2010 allows your organisation to implement a simple, low cost, single point solution, built around the most successfully adopted ECM platform ever, enabling certified compliance with internationally recognised standards such as MoReq2010.

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