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Apex Planner


Apex Planner is a service calendar designed to boost your scheduling experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Apex Planner is perfect if you need to streamline a shared calendar management.

Apex Planner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM extends the standard CRM service calendar adding features from Microsoft Outlook like drag and drop to reschedule, reassign and clone appointments for users and facilities.

Apex Planner enhances overall performances through custom mini-forms that allow to create, edit, delete and clone appointments and service activities. The mini-forms are significantly faster than the corresponding CRM standard ones.

Apex Planner features a user based configuration. Each user can set and save his favorite view of the shared calendar. Options include the number of days to display, the number of users and resources to be shown, a default team and a default site to restrict the view and increase the performaces and many more indivudual settings.

Apex Planner is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. Apex Planner Dynamics CRM 2013. Apex Planner is also generally compliant with workflows and plug-in you may have on appointments and service activities.

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Must have for Dynamics CRM

Reviewed by:maxmax89 Reviewed on:24/11/2012

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