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by 1E
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Asset Management
  • Works With

    System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

Simple and Clear Visibility for the Software Asset Manager

AppClarity provides simple and clear visibility of the license requirement and usage for ALL software in your organization. Uniquely identifying unused software and allowing its automatic removal in a user-friendly manner enables the rapid realization of major software cost reductions.

Reduce Your Software Costs

AppClarity provides real and rapid cost reductions on your software spend by allowing you to identify unused software within your estate and easily reclaim and reallocate that software.

A Single Console for the Software Asset Manager

AppClarity provides a single console for the Software Asset Manager giving them clear visibility of the license requirement and licensing compliance position of the whole IT estate – PCs and servers.

Detects All Unused Software

AppClarity has the unique ability to detect unused software across the entire PC and server estate. Leveraging Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager AppClarity provides instant visibility intothe usage of all PC applications. Using 1E’s patented ‘useful work’ technology as part of an unused server software solution, AppClarity can also identify unused server software.

Automatically Reclaim PC software

AppClarity provides a policy-based reclaim process. PC software can be reclaimed in either a mandatory or user-centric manner. In the user-centric process, a user-friendly dialog pro,ptusers to make them aware of unused software on their device, giving them the ability to opt-out of automatic removal if they still need the software. This approach minimizes the impact on end users while maximizing the cost reductions through the removal of unused software.

Simple Traffic Light Compliance System

AppClarity features a simple, clear traffic light compliance system along with targeted vendor compliance reporting. By automatically reconciling deployed software with license entitlement, AppClarity delivers fast, accurate, and comprehensive liability and compliance reporting.

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AppClarity - Great for both SAM and License Reclamation

Reviewed by:DanRichings Reviewed on:07/08/2012

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