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Aston Document & Knowledge Management System

by InFocusIT

The Aston Document & Knowledge Management System is a highly customisable client/server application that enables businesses to simplify, enhance and automate everyday working practices and processes. It can be applied to suit the needs of any part of your business with built in support for:

Central document storage & versioning:
Many businesses find that documents vital to the company are scattered over several network locations making it difficult if not impossible to find, share or back them up, Aston provides central storage in either a database or single network location and includes utilities for archiving and backing up. Changes to documents in the system are tracked and historic versions kept allowing rollback to any previous version.

Custom authentication & authorisation:
Roles can be configured to your exact needs to ensure that users can only access the resources and action the workflow steps that they are entitled to. Aston also supports multiple authentication systems including Microsoft NT security and custom authentication allowing ultimate flexibility depending on your company set up.

Fully customisable workflows & object model:
Aston can be customised to fit your exact business model in terms of workflow and business objects enabling the application to be tailored to your meet your exact needs, this avoids having to make the trade offs that are often incurred when attempting to adapt an off the shelf package.

Notification, auditing and searching:
All actions performed by users of the system are tracked providing a full searchable audit trail and real time notification can be provided to ensure that users are aware of any tasks that require action. This avoids the delays often incurred when several people are required to work together to complete a single workflow. Full searching is supported accross your information model so the data you require is always accessible and can even be automatically provided in the form of a report.

Web Service Architecture:
Whether your employees work in the office, on the road or at home the web service interface enables quick, secure, anywhere and anytime access to the system providing real time information which can be a key advantage over your competitors. It is also possible to enable partner companies access to your system under a restricted role to enable direct input extending the reach of a workflow beyond just the internal activity.

InFocusIT is a Microsoft Certified Partner with many years experience in providing companies with bespoke software solutions, we are happy to liaise with clients and aid in defining requirements. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your business needs and see how Aston could be integrated to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your business.

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