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awi MX - Mobile Working Toolkit

by NDL

Everything you need to mobilise your business!

One of the greatest transformations in business efficiency is being delivered by implementing mobile technology. awi MX is a simple-to-use toolkit that allows rapid development and management of feature-rich, fully-integrated mobile deployments. MX provides a single-platform solution for delivering multiple applications across multiple device types bringing total flexibility and putting you in control of your mobile applications.

In addition to simplifying and managing your mobile appreciation delivery, awi MX enables data to be drawn from existing back-office applications and delivered directly to the workforce out in the field. They can then carry on working online or offline on your devices of choice. With its unique universal integration adaptor option, awi MX also allows the data gathered and processed by your mobile workforce to be written directly back into any existing application. This can radically reduce the administration work associated with many job functions delivering significant cost and time savings.

• Simple-to-build business applications
• Integrates with your back-office
• Work offline
• Secure and manageable
• Multiple device types

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