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BCS Integrity™ is an enterprise-strength web application that provides instant visibility over the financial account sign-off process across multiple regions, business units, general ledgers and currencies. It enables senior management to quickly understand what balances are at risk, which accounts have been reconciled, who owns each account and what still needs to be done before the financial period closes.

Account ownership: is key to a successful account sign-off process. BCS Integrity facilitates ownership via 3 cascading levels.

Accountability: BCS Integrity tracks all account activity in a comprehensive audit trail, visible both on screen and via reports.

Transparency: BCS Integrity offers real-time access to account data across the entire business. 

Flexibility: BCS Integrity allows you to determine the level and cost of ownership by providing comprehensive administrative and configuration options:

- Hotspots: Create group-and user-specific Hotspots that highlight and give one-click access to problem accounts.

- Metrics: Capture key risk and performance indicators on a specified frequency then dynamically add them to your MI dashboard for historic trend and threshold comparison.

- Account Ownership: Configure the import rules and ownership matrix to ensure appropriate handover between operational and finance owners.

- Ledger Feeds: Add new feeds to ledger systems and/or Excel spreadsheets. Add custom attributes that facilitate better account categorisation, investigation and reporting.

- Workflow: Customise the workflow to suit the your sign-off process, with support for offshore and outsourced servicing

- Screen Layout: Customise account ownership, hotspot and detail screens to only show the information needed by each group, region or department, using local terminology

- Timetable and Notifications: Set the monthly timetable to control the workflow, imports, escalations and notifications

- Reporting: Global management information reports showing account ownership, balances, P&L exposure, risk status, monthly progress and historic trends.

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