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BlackLight Attendance Management System

by Blacklight Software

A phone based, self-service absence reporting system, integrated with SAP HR and coupled with occupational health intervention and support.

The Attendance Management System (AMS) controls and automates each step of the absenteeism process. A proactive 5 stage workflow provides Management Information, offers health assessment and return to work support for the absent employee from the initial stage of the absence.

At every stage in the process the system audits activities and can be used to provide reports and supporting evidence in the event of any issue escalation. Once the absence process is complete the key aspects of the absence are automatically posted into the HR system.

BlackLight AMS has been developed using .NET technology, more specifically the solution utilises Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Employees interact with the system via the telephone, whereas management interaction is via SMS, e-mail, web pages and electronic forms.

AMS is highly configurable, with aspects such as the call tree, notifications, reports, escalation thresholds, letters and electronic forms easily modified so that the solution can be adjusted to meet local and regional business requirements.

The system has had a signification impact on reducing absenteeism, with AMS:

- Absence is managed and visible across the business
- Clear responsibilities are defined and allocated to the correct parties
- Data collection is automated
- There is consistent control and agreed responses
- Rich Management Information is provided to continuously report on and analyse the situation

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