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BOSS is a system that supports common office agenda such as property stocktaking, document records, records of access, leave of absence and compensatory time requests, mobile phones or credit cards rendering of accounts, etc. Alongside with ordinary evidence, the system modules designed for approvals linked with the company’s processes in place and its organizational structure are supported, thus standardizing the company workflow and generating data for stocktaking and auditing.

The provided solution is designed as a combination of interconnected modules to enable easy upgrades following the ever-changing needs of our clients. The system uses a BOSS functionality development platform which supplies the basic services of the system and unifies the user’s working environment.

Functions Based on the BOSS Platform
- Records of People, Functions and their positions
- Support of Group Requests for new joiners or leavers
- Setting the Approval Processes
- Approval Processes, Substitutions, Escalations
- Records of Tasks and Activities across Modules
- Multilingual Environment
- Export of Views into MS Excel
- History of Record Changes
- Exchange Rate Lists
- Bank and Other State Holidays
- Administration of Attachments
- Link to External Systems (AD, MOSS, ERP)
- Notifications

The basic component of the registration system is an employee card, which includes the basic employee data and it also resolves connections to all the remaining modules.

Facility - This module enables its users to define any types of facilities/assets, for which it is then possible to record various data. It is also possible to use the system for keeping records of SW license purchases and consecutively allocate the licenses to individual computers – data for SW audit. The module may also be linked to HW/SW scanning – AuditPro or MS Systems Center. An integral part of this module as well as other modules used for tracking company assets assigned to employees are records of people responsible for such assets (those using it), including printing and storing hand-over protocols. Records of petty possessions not subject to amortization (that are as such rarely part of the book keeping system) can also be tracked.

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