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Business Intelligence - Student Progression Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

by Simpson Associates Information Services

Simpson Associates Information Services designs, builds and manages Student Progression solutions for Higher Education Institutions. They provide our customers with a key measure of their University’s performance, so that their listing in critical league tables can be reflected more accurately.

Our Student Progression solutions can be broken down into three key components: the automated extraction of pertinent data from source systems, the addition of business rules and a reporting capability that delivers the resultant information to a large number of users.

The reports show a number of years’ worth of Student Progression figures and allow users to drill-down to student details; conditional formatting is incorporated for progression and award targets.

The outputs are as follows:

- A consistent data set incorporating all Faculties, held in a Data Warehouse

- A consistent set of reports incorporating all Faculties and showing progression over a number of years

- A portal accessible by all Faculties, to view up-to-date information online

Some of the benefits of implementing our Student Progression solution are as follows:

- The quality of the source data can be improved as problems are identified and corrected

- The manual intervention typically required to produce and collate these reports in a consistent fashion can be abolished

- Better analysis of Student Progression by Course, Department, Faculty and a University as a whole can be achieved

To learn more about our Student Progression solutions or Simpson Associates’ range of Information Services contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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