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Business Productivity Online

by Gardner Systems Plc

As more businesses realise their IT systems are becoming more business critical, they are looking at ways, to ensure that these key systems are both available, accessible and importantly backed up and built in the most resilient way possible. All this while keeping within their IT budgets.

Increasingly the answer to this is look at services that can be "consumed" using a revenue based charging model. This is where the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) can help. BPOS provides a "cloud" based solution for providing Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Office Communications Server and LiveMeeting. Allowing your business access to Email, online communications and collaboration solutions, without the need for building internally a resilient and available infrastructure.

The hosted solution is delivered directly from Microsoft's global data centres. The solution does not only ensure that you receive a first class service, but one that is also highly resilient, highly available and importantly all the key maintenance tasks, such as anti-virus, anti-spam, backup and system updates are all carried out for you.

With the ability for your business to access these services on a per user/per month basis, means that a revenue based budget, just like a utility bill, can be assigned to your key business IT services. And if your business expands you can easily grow your online service, by simply adding further users, without the need to worry about expanding your infrastructure and administration costs.

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