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CareDirector - The Flexible Social Care / Human Services Platform


CareDirector is a flexible social care / human services management platform that:
- Fits your citizens and empowers them to have direct input into their own requirements using an Internet portal

- Fits your workforce and allows you to gradually migrate to new ways of working through the use of a familiar intuitive information system

- Fits your IT requirements and allows you to keep pace with evolving requirements
CareWorks has taken a different approach, moving away from the proprietary systems that have traditionally been used in social care / human services management, to one built on an industry standard customer service platform. The result is higher quality,
more flexible system that can be quickly adapted to evolving needs.

CareWorks is the first and only social care / human services software company to offer a solution based on world leading customer relationship management technology from Microsoft - Dynamics CRM.

CareWorks is a social care and human services specialist with 12 years experience, 70 local authority customers and an unrivalled understanding of the revolution taking place in the delivery and management of social care / human services.

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