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CBMR - Cristie BMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Windows machines

by Cristie

CBMR 6.1 for Windows
Fast, reliable, automated backup and recovery

Most organizations now have well developed backup strategies to protect their data using backup or replication to tape and secondary disk. However, disaster recovery can be complex and time consuming, requiring machines to be rebuilt from scratch and backup application software to be installed before any data recovery can commence. To recover a whole data centre manually could take weeks and this can put enormous strain on an organization’s resources.

With CBMR all that is required for recovery is a standard CBMR boot CD and an IP connection to the network containing the CBMR backups. Multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously and the recovery process normally takes only a few minutes for each machine. The time taken to recover a whole data centre can therefore be reduced dramatically, to just a few hours.

CBMR includes support for:
- Windows 2003, XP, Vista and 2008 on x86 and x64 computers
- Dissimilar Hardware, allowing recovery to different server models or brands
- Windows Dynamic Volumes
- Encryption and compression
- Automatic hardware and driver detection
- GUI and command line interfaces
- Scheduling via Windows, TSM or own task scheduler
- Individual partition restore leaving others intact
- Facility to run batch programs before and/or after the system restore
- Integration with TSM event logging
- IDE, SCSI, SATA and Fibre channel, hardware RAID, Clustered servers, SAN and NAS
Ready for IBM Tivoli

CBMR operates either as a standalone backup and recovery application or in conjunction with other backup applications. CBMR is “Ready for IBM Tivoli” software and is re-sold by IBM globally.

CBMR also works with Veritas, Legato and Bakbone backup products and has been chosen by some of their users for its ease of use, speed of recovery and dissimilar hardware functionality.

CBMR (Cristie Bare Machine Recovery) is powerful, easy-to-use software that backs up the operating system and hard disk configuration of critical servers. This enables rapid recovery to an identical state following damage to or failure of the physical hardware or a corruption of the operating system.

System Requirements:
Disk space 20MB
Memory 1024MB WinPE
Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008 and 2008 R2
32 or 64-bit

The product is available in English, French, German and Japanese and can be downloaded from the Cristie website at

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