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CC4 Store - network for schools

by RM Education

CC4 Store is our great new network for small schools, that currently have Store Box or another storage solution with around 20 stations. CC4 Store is made up of a set of simple tools to help you manage users and printers on the network without the need for any additional functionality such as station or application management. These simple tools will really help address your needs & reduce management time!

CC4 Store enables you to access the following key network resources:

- Your home folder
- Shared areas
- Printers
- Internet

You can log onto any computer around the school and access your saved work in both home & shared areas. You can also print from any location and access the internet.

- Simple management tools = Reduced management time
- Users can access and save to home & shared folders rather than saving to public folders or even USB sticks
- The right price for small school needs
- Access to the internet and printers makes for a great end user experience
- Simple user & printer management means low management & support overheads

CC4 Store provides loads of features to help you reduce management time while giving a great end user experience. These include:

- User management
Users can easily be created, viewed, deleted & have permissions assigned to them through the management console.
- Printer management
Printers can be managed through the CC4 Store server while users can access network printers from around the school.
- Access to home & shared areas
Users are able to access and save to home & shared areas meaning they can log onto any computer around the school and access their saved work.
- Application delivery
You don't need to spend time creating packages. Software can be installed at a convenient time for you on each individual computer.

Other exciting features include:

- Anti-virus checks - CC4 Store checks for anti-virus software. Once it's installed on a device, it recognises any anti-virus software that Microsoft lists as compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7
- Backups - Ensure peace of mind by backing up all your users' data
- Internet access - Access the internet from any computer around the school
- RM & Microsoft updates - Keep your network up-to-date by having all RM & Microsoft updates installed
- Installation service - An RM engineer will commission the CC4 Store server and your stations if required

Total peace of mind - we are here to support you.

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