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Family Bruiners

Credit Check Component for Microsoft Office Excel (Financials, CRM ++)

by Family Bruiners

- Save 20 seconds per credit check.
- Integrated with Microsoft Office Excel for financials.
- “Equifax” Credit Lookup direct from your reports
- Zero user training
- Completely future proof
- 98% Compatibility with CRM, CIS, ERP, Financial applications.


The Family Bruiners credit check integrator extends your existing IT applications to take advantage of embedded credit lookup information - all from within places that actually make a difference in your Enterprise.

A single component for Sales Teams, Financial Departments and Customer Services teams alike will ensure maximum efficiency by using familiar software in Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Office Excel, without the need for user training. With features like “active sync” and “Pivot Table - credit lookup” your company will never need to worry about credit information not being supplied to where needed most.

Financial departments, retentions or collections will easily be able to use Microsoft Office Excel to credit lookup directly in your reports and your spreadsheets without any changes or training required. Easy to use windows will give you real time credit score and information where your teams need it most.

For less than the average tea bill per user a month find out how your company can increase risk safety, decrease expensive integration and support programs whilst future proofing credit information and it’s usage across your departments. Easily, without stress…

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Serious impressive – Sage, Sales Force, Accounting and our Reporting needs.

Reviewed by:SalesForce Reviewed on:22/02/2012

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Fantastic - Real time saver and Reporting Enhancer

Reviewed by:DynamicsUsers Reviewed on:20/02/2012

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

The Near Perfect Credit Check

Reviewed by:Creditfast Reviewed on:14/02/2012

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