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connectiv! eSolutions GmbH for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by connectiv! eSolutions GmbH for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was developed by connectiv! eSolutions in order to integrate the ECM-/Archive system d.velop d.3 and ecspand into the CRM-Suite Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with the archive-, document- and workflow management system d.3 or ecspand (developed by d.velop AG) allows you to manage, archive and provide audit-proof versions of documents such as letters, faxes, offerings, delivery bills or accounts, including all relevant workflows. This is not only interesting for large companies. Small businesses also benefit from the opportunities this system offers.

Companies already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM may now also use ECM with d.3 or ecspand based on Microsoft SharePoint.
Established d.3 or ecspand users on the other hand are now provided with the opportunity to take advantage of the Microsoft CRM Suite as well.

Furthermore, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables the user to directly search and open documents within the ECM, for example right from a company’s CRM dataset.
In practice, an employee would be able to quickly access the complete transaction history while talking to a customer over the phone: no need to search bulky folders, let alone retrieve them from the archive. for Microsoft Dynamics CRM bears the title “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”! for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has not been reviewed by any customers.

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