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eLINIA Secure Exchange

  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Hosting Services, IT Outsourcing
  • Works With

    SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

eLINIA Secure Exchange allows an organisation or group of collaborating organisations to securely transfer and share files across the Internet. Files are uploaded using a simple web based interface. Users view a list of those files which have been received
and can choose those they wish to download. This is a component based product that can fit seamlessly within larger bespoke applications. Development projects benefit from the cost effectiveness and quality of tried andtested components. Key features:

- Automatic file compression/decompression
- Strong File Encryption
- Multiple file operation
- Audited trail of operations
- Automatic email notification on receipt of files 
- Manage your own community of users using customisable metadata
- Advanced file management, including sortable file lists
- Fully multilingual interface
- Re-brand to fit your organisation’s own style
- Implemented standards

Implementation Standards

- Careful adherence to accessibility standards including W3C AAA compliance
- Validated XHTML for widest browser support
- Built to e-Government standards
- Extensible object oriented design to enable seamless integration into other enterprise applications
- Pluggable storage mechanism allows integration with relational databases, or cost effective “file system only” operation example applications

Example Applications

- Managing a community of users and ensuring a secure, always available channel for information transfer
- Transferring data files of any size within your organisation
- Auditing that information has been received, who received it and at what time
- Integration with other enterprise wide applications
- Secure controlled transfer of confidential documents to suppliers and customers
- Secure document transfer to disparate organisations when managing a large programme

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