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Health Access System (HAS) - NHS Smartcard remote access solution

by Winfrasoft

Winfrasoft Health Access System (HAS) is a secure access solution enabling NHS Trusts to gain greater value from the NHS CRS Smartcard by using it to provide secure and easy access to all resources, whether from within the Trust, the home or while on the move. Built on the Microsoft Forefront Edge Gateway server platform HAS is the first solution to enable the use of the NHS CRS Smartcard for true Single Sign On providing access to all applications as well as the Trust’s network while significantly reducing IT costs and helpdesk calls.

Single Sign On - at the core of the solution HAS integrates with the BT Identity Agent enabling authentication against the Spine using only the NHS CRS Smartcard in its native format.  The national credential is associated or 'bound' to a user account in the Trust's Active Directory and then leverages IAG/UAG's Kerberos Constrained Delegation to provide access to Windows based local resources.

Remote Access - the second part of the solution enables NHS staff using portable NHS PCs to connect to the Trust network remotely using the NHS Smartcard for two-factor authentication. 

Self Service Password Reset - the third part of the solution enables Trust staff to reset AD account passwords using the two-factor NHS Smartcard as proof of identity and leveraging IAG/UAG's end-point detection capabilities to limit the service according to local policy.

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