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insight4Education (i4E): Streamlining Finance and Administration for Educational Institutions

by business insights group

insight4Education (i4E) provides integrated Financial and Administrative functions to manage

Student Recruitment Admissions Student Records Student Billing Accommodation Dining Alumni Porters Lodge Development and Fund-Raising EPOS Financials HR and Payroll   Spend Control

With i4E, clients can manage student records from admissions through to alumni in a single product. This simplifies the entire process of accounting and administration whilst making access to information easy and secure.

The system includes a SharePoint portal allowing users to access appropriate information securely. This includes customised access and data entry for administrative, financial and academic staff, Porter's Lodge, students and parents. Students are also able to view and pay bills online.
Specially designed financials allow much simpler management of processes and faster more flexible presentation of information, increasing control and allowing better assessment of the impacts of change.

Unlike other products that are expensive, disjointed and designed for a more general market, as our clients will tell you, i4E is extremely cost effective with rapid return on investment and very low total cost of ownership. The solution is wholly integrated and specifically designed for educational establishments from schools to universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

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