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TeleWare plc

Intelligent Connect

by TeleWare plc

Our Intelligent Connect applications enable a business to create and deploy Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to meet their specific requirements and integrate these with their existing communications infrastructure. This can be used to ensure all telephone calls into the business are answered promptly and efficiently, enabling peaks in call volumes to be handled without increasing staff levels while delivering a high level of customer service.

A browser-based application is used to draw the desired call flow on screen using a library of standard building blocks which can be customised through their properties field.

Virtual contact centres can be implemented, where agents can be dispersed across a wide geographic area and log into their team(s) from any telephone without the need for specialist hardware.

Our virtual contact centre application is an ideal solution for small departmental contact centres, helpdesks or for handling contact centre overflow situations or out-of-hours services using home-based staff.

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