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by mplSystems

intelligentContact and Microsoft CRM

The ‘contact centre in a box’ concept created by mplSystems and Microsoft resets the standard and raises the bar for technology leadership in CRM and Contact Centre solutions. intelligentContact (iContact) and Microsoft CRM establish a whole new level of application performance and a high and speedy return on investment through powerful, customisable integration functionality. Among the many unique technological breakthroughs available with the solution, one of the most important is its complete seamless integration using the Microsoft Windows .NET platform. The integrated modules of iContact are at the forefront of contact centre technology and have been designed and derived from many years and many millions of complex calls delivered in contact centres throughout the UK.

Gone are the days of multiple PBXs and multiple ACD systems adding integration complexity with their disparate management interfaces. iContact provides a powerful communication framework that seamlessly integrates the various communication channels with Microsoft CRM. This makes it easy for agents and employees to share information across teams and departments thus eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring superior sales and customer service support. iContact CTI effortlessly integrates with Microsoft CRM to reduce call handling times and personalise interactions by immediately displaying customer information on the agent’s desktop in a screen pop.

iContact allows account allocation, skills based routing, multi-site operations, media-prioritisation, mid-call transfer, call recording, silent monitoring and coaching (whispering) and of course the tightest of CTI integration. By providing dynamic scripting that enables powerful applications to be rapidly built and tailored, individual customer business process requirements are quickly met. The scripts are built using an easy to use graphical application builder and the communications workflow enables faxes, SMS text message and electronic data files to be delivered either immediately or batched at specific times or intervals related to calendar fulfilment.

This approach and development programme has an important technical result that in turn, produces key business benefits. The technical result is that CTI, IVR, Skills Based Routing, Voice and Message Management and a comprehensive CRM solution is available as a complete turnkey solution.

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