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knkPublishing Software - Dynamics NAV 2013

by knk Publishing Software

knkPublishing is a business software for publishing houses (publishing software), based on Microsoft Dynamics. knk is focussed only on the media industry and cooperates with local Microsoft partners worldwide.

knkPublishing supports NAV2013.

In the United Kingdom, knk is located in London and has several trade partners in different areas of Great Britain and Ireland.

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft certified publishing software / ERP solution/business software for publishing houses in the world. It is run by more than 87 renown publishing houses in Europe and North America and it covers all business processes in a publishing house (books/magazines/online content/CD-ROM/looseleaf/eBook etc.) in ONE SINGLE INTEGRATED database (e.g. editorial management, production, Content Management, marketing, sales, public relation, adverts, subscription, circulation)

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