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LaserNet AX is a world class and well known solution, which fulfills various industry-specific document distribution demands for customers with Microsoft Dynamics AX. We have been working with LaserNet AX in more than 15 years and we have integrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX from the beginning.

A Microsoft Dynamics AX customer knows that the business documents such as invoices, statements of account, order confirmations, etc. are vital for your company’s communication with customers, suppliers, authorities and partners. LaserNet AX ensures that all the document’s design, form, and media correspond with the requirements for individual, modern, proper, and user-friendly documents needed by your external environment.

In addition, the demands on the documents forms and media are continuously changing. LaserNet AX has a document management Platform, which will offer companies the ability to easily meet the varying customer demands regarding business documents and recipient hereof.

LaserNet AX converts your needed Microsoft Dynamics AX data and distributes the documents individually to your customers. Your company will benefit from implementing FormPipe LaserNet AX and off course save all the cost related to staff time, postal service, printers and etc.

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UNICEF Denmark optimizes form printing with LaserNet

Reviewed by:Munkstrup Reviewed on:21/06/2012

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