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MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Advantage

by MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Advantage is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance solution that enables organisations to automate and manage the key tasks associated with user awareness and engagement for information assurance, including risk assessment, the measurement of organisation wide IT security posture and policy management.

MetaCompliance Advantage offers key features that allow organisations to manage, enforce and sustain the entire information governance lifecycle, and develop an educated, vigilant workforce that properly uses, values and protects the data held within its perimeters.

MetaCompliance Advantage is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technology aimed at the enterprise.

All the software components necessary to deliver your IT Assurance awareness project are contained within MetaCompliance® Advantage.

Key features of MetaCompliance Advantage include:

- Guarantee user awareness and accountability with Intelligent Desk Top Control and Automated Self Certification;

- Achieve Employee Risk Management with intelligent surveying capability

- Complete the governance lifecycle with automated Joiners and Leavers

- Prove due care to 3rd party auditors and regulators with Multi Level Targeting Control and MetaCompliance Governance Auditing and Reporting;

- Engage all users in an ongoing, sustainable awareness programme with Diverse User Facilitation;

- Manage third party compliance with Vendor Risk Management;

- Deliver situational awareness with Dynamic InterceptTM

- Achieve optimised IT Governance with the MetaCompliance IT Governance Maturity Lifecycle.

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