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MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Enterprise

by MetaCompliance Limited

MetaCompliance Enterprise is a comprehensive solution that helps organisations to simplify, achieve and sustain IT Governance and compliance across the enterprise.

MetaCompliance Enterprise enables IT Governance and compliance managers to automate the creation and control of business and IT Policies, implement industry mandated governance initiatives and manage and monitor acceptance among geographies, business units and personnel.

A major regulatory and legislative requirement surrounding IT Governance is to measure the security posture of the organisation, document security policy and verifiably communicate that policy to employees.  MetaCompliance Enterprise automates the development, distribution and deployment of IT Governance assessments and policies across the entire enterprise.

MetaCompliance Enterprise delivers a number of key features:

- Guarantee user awareness and accountability with Intelligent Desk Top Control and Automated Self Certification;

- Automate risk assessment to measure organisational IT Security posture;

- Complete the governance lifecycle with automated Joiners and Leavers;

- Prove due care to 3rd party auditors and regulators with MetaCompliance Governance Auditing and Reporting;

- Engage all users in an ongoing, sustainable awareness programme with Diverse User Facilitation;

- Manage third party compliance with Vendor Risk Management;

- Deliver situational awareness with Dynamic InterceptTM;

- Achieve sustainable, best practice IT Governance.

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