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Part Trap AB

PartTrap E-commerce

by Part Trap AB

Today, the whole world is online, and web presence is mandatory in almost any business. Online business is reaching new heights, in the B2B sector as well as for B2C. This trend is global and the time to engage and increase market share is now.

PartTrap® E-commerce helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers to coordinate and sell their products, accessories and spare parts on-line.

PartTrap® E-commerce may be used to simply expose business information and product details combined with an easy-to-use order entry. PartTrap® E-commerce may also be used as a global sales portal fully integrated to multiple sales companies spread over the globe.

Turnkey Solution
PartTrap® E-commerce is a true turn-key solution with built-in tools which help you configure the look and feel of your online offers. The system can be used directly after installation and immediately offers all functions with full integration to your Dynamics system. When needed, maintenance, customization and upgrading of the system is safe and easy.

Despite many advanced features, simplicity is key in PartTrap® E-commerce.
Regardless of whether you plan to implement a B2B site, a B2C site or a combination, PartTrap® E-commerce provides all the benefits of a standardized system combined with the conformance and flexibility of a customer specific system.

Scalable With Your Business
PartTrap® E-commerce makes it easy for any e-business company to succeed in growing into and managing multiple markets. It is easy to extend the number of market layers or connect trading companies. PartTrap® E-commerce is built to support a multitude of presentation styles, language versions and market dependent content.

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