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Planning - Student Planning Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

by Simpson Associates Information Services

Simpson Associates Information Services designs, builds and manages Student Planning solutions, providing our customers with a reliable and transparent forecast of their student numbers and associated income, so that their financial reporting and budgeting processes can be improved.

Our Student Planning model can be broken down into two fundamental components: a student numbers calculation and an income calculation. The model holds assumptions at a general and school level and specific course rules by stage and student type. These can be applied to an existing student population and school targets to produce plans.

The model is administered and run through a series of menu driven screens, with options to calculate only specific student types and/or years, so that when key assumptions are changed only those parts of the model affected are recalculated, which speeds up the delivery.

The plans are then imported into a Business Intelligence framework and reports are produced to show summary and detailed information which schools can access online.

Some of the benefits of implementing our Student Planning solution are as follows:

- A plan can be produced in three to four hours

- Summary level data can be broken down with income streams and numbers made available down to stage level

- Calculations for all variables and exceptions can be incorporated easily, meaning courses can expect an accurate allocation of income

To learn more about our Student Planning solutions or Simpson Associates’ range of Information Services contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Planning Student Numbers and Associated Income

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