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AriesoGeoPerformance (0 Reviews)
GEOperformance uses location intelligence to transform RAN planning and Performance engineering increasing operational efficiency, and significantly increasing return on investment, whilst delivering game...
Release Date: 28/02/2014
Version: 4.2.0
Binder (0 Reviews)
Create elegant electronic binders more easily than creating physical binders. - Collate documents from anywhere in many formats. - Organise your home or work projects into familiar binders on your...
Release Date: 02/04/2014
Version: 1.3.0
Chroma AODB (0 Reviews)
ChromaAODB, in conjunction with ChromaACDB, is the central source for the collation, storage and distribution of key airside and terminal information across an airport. Recognising the importance of...
Release Date: 01/02/2014
Connect - built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (0 Reviews)
Connect is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to FRSs encompassing Community Fire Safety, Technical Fire Safety and Operations/ Fire investigation. It is built upon the powerful Microsoft...
Release Date: 01/08/2014
Version: 1.00
ETL Studio for Alterian (0 Reviews)
ETL Studio is a muti-user ETL scripting environment designed for the SDL Platform. Traditional SDL ETL is a single user system, ETL Studio extends this functionality to provide multi user scripting...
Release Date: 03/03/2014
Version: v2.1.0
Flynet Telnet Recorder (0 Reviews)
The Flynet Telnet Recorder is designed to be a simple proxy application which intercepts user’s Terminal Emulation sessions on a standard Telnet socket (no SSH!) and records their interactions with a host...
Release Date: 31/10/2013
Version: 4.00
Gold-i Bridge (0 Reviews)
Introduction The Gold-i Gate Bridge is software that works with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4. In today’s more regulated market place many brokers need to offload trading risk to liquidity...
Release Date: 01/07/2014
Version: 260
Responsive SharePoint Composed Looks (0 Reviews)
Aligning your new SharePoint intranet or team site solution to the corporate identity is an important tool used to drive user adoption. Consequently, branding for SharePoint is an important part of most...
Release Date: 20/02/2014
Version: 1
Speccy (0 Reviews)
What's in your computer? If you're like most of us, you can probably name the processor (Intel or AMD, Celeron or Pentium), maybe how much RAM it has, and maybe how big the hard drive is. When you go to...
Release Date: 27/01/2014
Version: 1.25
Travel Management Solution (0 Reviews)
About Solution A central location for all your company travel related activities like planning, approval, expense reporting and reimbursement. Standardize your corporate travel process to improve...
Release Date: 12/02/2014